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User permissions system

Our dental software is equipped with a user permissions system, thanks to which each employee has precisely defined scope of access to software functions.

Access is based on role (reception, treatment, billing, logistics, administration). The software can therefore be adapted to work both in a single-computer clinic and in a multi-computer one, potentially divided into departments. The user permissions system also allows for fine-grained configuration of employee access to confidential data collected in the software.

Additionally, each employee can decided on the level of transparency around their billing data.
User permissions:
  • Reception | Adding/editing patients;
  • Reception | Managing appointment schedule;
  • Reception | Visibility of contact data;
  • Reception | Read-only schedule;
  • Treatment | Treating patients;
  • Treatment | Medical records editor;
  • Treatment | Visibility into other employees' appointments;
  • Cash register | Patient billing;
  • Cash register | Settlement of prosthetic laboratories;
  • Cash register | Settlement of employees;
  • Cash register | Settlement of contractors;
  • Cash register | Settlement deletion blocked;
  • Logistics | Workflow of prosthetic works;
  • Logistics | Procurement of supplies;
  • Manager | Summary of operations;
  • Manager | Personal summary of operation;
  • Manager | Daily summary of operation;
  • Manager | Reports on medical records and GDPR;
  • Manager | Clinic financials;
  • Administration | Software configuration;
  • Administration | Data backup;
  • Administration | Adding employees;
  • Administration | Configuring dictionaries;
  • Administration | Configuring discount groups;
  • Remote access to own appointments - View;
  • Remote access to own appointments - Edit;
  • Remote access to others' appointments - View;
  • Remote access to others' appointments - Edit;
  • Visibility of contact data;