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Discount groups

This SmartDental feature allows you to divide patients into groups and assign them a percentage discount, distinguishing between treatment categories set by the user and whether the discount comes from an employee and/or clinic. The specified treatment discount is automatically or on-demand applied when adding treatment procedures. Additionally, membership in a given discount group is visible in parts of the software that are important from this point of view.

Discount groups can also be used to assign patients to a given company with which a treatment contract is signed.

Discount groups are characterized by:
  • Possibility to create any number of discount groups;
  • Any name and color scheme for the group;
  • Possibility to distinguish discounts both between groups and individual categories of treatment (e.g. general dentistry, prosthetics);
  • Possibility of granting a discount by the doctor and/or the clinic;

Configuring discount groups

Adding a procedure with a discount group