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Management panel - quick access to information

Control and efficiency in the daily work of the dental clinic - this is the main purpose of our dental practice management software. Thanks to the intuitive management panel, you can easily monitor the most important information about patient appointments and quickly access other software functions. Optimize your workflow and provide the best care for your patients.

Management panel functionalities:

  • An easy to read list of scheduled appointments with the option of printing;
  • Easy access to all functions using quick-access icons and a menu bar;
  • Ability to quickly search for a patient's medical record;
  • Displaying all scheduled appointments for a given patient, with the option of printing;
  • Information about the patient's presence in the waiting room;
  • Information about the patient's absence during the visit;
  • Handling tasks assigned by the doctor to be performed by the reception desk;
  • Automatic SMS notifications about the upcoming appointments;
  • Displaying notifications about the need to bill the patient;
  • Quick ability to send an SMS campaign to a selected group of patients, with delivery status;
  • A button for checking the number of new online reservations and the status of the SMS account;