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SmartDental software is equipped with a large number of useful functions that significantly facilitate and organize the work of a dental office/clinic. Our dental software was developed to improve the operation of dental offices and clinics, both single and multi-computer ones.


The SmartDental software was created as a result of cooperation between IT specialists and a dentist who has been practicing dentistry for many years. Thanks to this, the software combines high technical quality with adaptation to the needs of effective and intuitive management of the clinic's work.


The software has been divided into modules so that the customer can choose the appropriate scope of functionality for his clinic. As the clinic grows, it is possible to expand the software to a more comprehensive version, while maintaining the data collected so far.

Management panel - quick access to information

Control and efficiency in the daily work of the dental office - this is the main goal of our dental program. Thanks to the intuitive management panel, you can easily monitor the most important information about patient visits and easily access other program functions. Optimize your work and provide the best care for your patients.

Schedule - effective appointment management

The appointment schedule in our dental software allows you to easily and conveniently manage patient visits. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily add, edit and delete visits and events. Controlling and managing your visits has never been so simple and convenient!

Treatment card - everything in one place

The patient card in the SmartDental dental software is a place where all information about the patient is collected. Here you will find treatment history, treatment plans, information about any additional services provided to the patient, prosthetic plans, added photos and documents, as well as STL files.

Documentation in electronic form

Automatically filled, ready-made electronic documentation templates and the software's compatibility with WACOM STU devices ensure simple and quick preparation and signing of electronic documentation.

Quick and easy patient billing

In order to provide our users with the highest level of comfort, we have combined the process of patient billing and issuing sales documents in one, transparent window. Thanks to this, the patient's settlement is quick and simple - all you need to do is enter the payment value. You can also issue a wide range of sales documents in the same place and print them immediately.

Planning and workflow of prosthetic works

The prosthetic treatment module largely reduces the complexity of the traditional process of administering prosthetic treatments. It allows for extensive planning of prosthetic treatment and servicing prosthetic laboratories, including settlements.

Interactive periodontal card

An interactive periodontal examination card allows for quick and easy analysis of the patient's oral condition. Thanks to built-in tools and forms, the user can easily examine and record the condition of the gums. An interactive periodontal examination card allows for quick and easy analysis of the patient's oral condition. Thanks to built-in tools and forms, the user can easily examine and record the condition of the gums.

User permissions system

Our dental software is equipped with a user authorization system, thanks to which each employee has precisely defined access to individual program functions.

Integrated online booking system

The software can be easily connected to the office's existing website using the online appointment booking module. The schedule is operated exclusively from the SmartDental software, which allows patients to easily make appointments and ensures convenient use of medical services.

SMS notifications and campaigns

SmartDental offers the ability to send automatically generated SMS notifications about an upcoming visit and to quickly send SMS campaigns to any selected group of patients.

Support for intraoral cameras

One of the functionalities that significantly facilitates the work of dentists is the support for intraoral cameras, which can be launched directly from the program.

Integration with RVG

SmartDental is integrated with dedicated software for digital imaging devices from Durr Dental, Planmeca, Kodak, Gendex, Cygnus Media, Vatech Ezdent-i, Satelec Acteon SOPRO, Instrumenarium CliniView and MyRay.

Warehouse and quotation

It allows for warehouse management in the dental office/clinic and for making offers. To make their work easier, system users can use the function of automatically generating orders based on the stock of goods.


The reporting module of the SmartDental software allows you to display and print or export to an XML file analyzes regarding the operation of a dental office. Thanks to the ability to set various filters, our dental software allows you to obtain almost any data combination.

Discount groups

This function of the software allows you to divide patients into groups and assign them a percentage discount, distinguishing between treatment categories set by the user and whether the discount comes from an employee and/or clinic.

Patient groups

This function of SmartDental makes it possible to divide patients into groups used in other parts of the software (e.g. SMS campaigns, patient lists).


Releasing the sterilization batch, generating and printing labels for tool packages, scanning packages to the patient's card. Zebra label printer required (e.g. GK420D). Possibility to scan codes from other label printers (e.g. MELAG MELAprint).

Fiscal printer support

SmartDental meets the requirements contained in the latest regulations, enabling the operation of fiscal printers, issuing fiscal receipts, bills, cash receipts and VAT invoices.

Secure data archiving

SmartDental allows you to easily and quickly save and restore compressed backup data on any medium.