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Appointments schedule - efficient appointment management

The appointment schedule in our dental software allows you to easily and conveniently manage patient appointments. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily add, edit and delete appointments and events. Controlling and managing your appointments has never been so simple and convenient!

Main features of the schedule:

  • Graphical representation of weekly or daily appointments schedule for one or multiple employees;
  • Ability to add information for each appointment, such as type of appointments, description of the appointments, patient absence, etc.;
  • Display the schedule for one or all doctors, taking into account their work schedule;
  • Display holidays and custom events;
  • Highlighting the nature of a given appointment with a specific color (e.g. general dentistry, dental surgery, endodontics, prosthetic treatment, etc.);
  • Blocking appointments to prevent accidentally moving them;
  • Ability to display and print all appointments for a given patient;
  • Register of canceled appointments and patient absences;
  • Online booking support (a website with online appointment booking module is required);
  • A button for checking the number of new online reservations and the status of the SMS account;
  • Graphical representation of a given doctor's working hours;
  • Automatic search for free appointments slots according to various criteria (e.g. range of hours and length of appointment);
  • Patient queue - saving and displaying a queue of patients waiting for a free appointment slot;