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View every possible aggregated data about the clinic's work

The reporting module of the SmartDental software allows you to display and print or export to XML file analyzes regarding the operation of a dental clinic. Thanks to the ability to set various filters, our dental software allows you to obtain almost any data combination.
Available data views:
  • Summary report;
  • Treatment report by appointment;
  • Treatment report by diagnosis;
  • Treatment report by treatments;
  • Treatment report by treatment category;
  • Treatment report by completed prosthetic works;
  • Treatment report by prescribed prescriptions;
  • Settlement report by treatments performed;
  • Settlement report by admitted patients;
  • Settlement report by sales documents;
  • Settlement report by documented items;
  • Settlement report by percentage of treatments;
  • Report of unsettled percentage of treatments;
  • Report of medical advice provided;
  • Report of prosthetic works by laboratory and stage;
  • Patient report by last appointment;
  • Patient list report;
  • Admission book;
  • Login report
  • Schedule history
  • Patient data history
  • Shared documentation