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SmartDental 2.0

We are redefining dental software

SmartDental is a friendly, modern and comprehensive dental software designed by a dentist, combining rich functionality, high efficiency and ergonomic operation. SmartDental is compliant with GDPR and other current data privacy guidelines.

Almost 100% positive opinions in Facebook industry groups

  • "Smartdental is intuitive, easy to use, quick and efficient help when needed. I recommend it"
    Marlena D.

  • "I also have Smartdental and I like it. The helpdesk also works very well. You can buy additional modules at any time. There are no additional fees and its a lifelong license."
    Adam B.

  • "SmartDental - I have been working on it for many years - it's probably been 8 years."
    Elwira G.

  • "I recommend it, I have been using it for 4 years. You can choose individual modules. Great for describing and managing cards... You can download a demo version from the website."
    Madzia G.

  • "SmartDental is perfect for me."
    Piotr S.

  • "I have been working at Smart Dental for over 2 years, I tested a lot first. I recommend it."
    Marzena K.

  • "... take Smartdental - it will be the easiest for you to master it :)"
    Elwira G

  • "Smartdental is definitely smart :)"
    Bartosz S.

  • "Smartdental 2.0, very good service. They always answer the phone and help."
    Mich B.

  • "Great software."
    Angelika W.

  • "It has been working very well for 5 years - I have been using the calendar in the program for 2 years and I can't imagine how I could use a paper calendar even though I had the program."
    Elwira G.

  • "Smartdental! Great service and intuitive program. I have had it since July and I am very satisfied."
    Marlena D.

  • "Very transparent and organized system. I recommend it!"
    Rafał M.

  • "I recommend it, it is what it should be and nothing more 😊 I have been using it for 10 years and I won't change it. Support at any time."
    Jacek W.

  • "Great software, great support"
    Piotr S.

  • "Very good software and after-sales support, which is very rare these days."
    Grzegorz H.

  • "SmartDental I honestly recommend"
    Adam Z.

  • "Smart dental!!! Simple, cheap and with comprehensive service."
    Alicja D.
    "Exactly. I also recommend it."
    Adam S.

  • "SmartDental – very intuitive and clear software"
    Tomasz B.

  • "We also recommend smartdental😊"

  • "Only SmartDental"
    Paweł K.

  • "I've already tried it... and I think Smart dental is the coolest. It has everything you need and a nice graphic design..."
    Aneta T.

  • "I confirm, smart dental is great"
    Piotr S.

  • "SmartDental. The co-author is an active dentist, so he knows what is important in the program for dentists."
    Grzegorz H.

  • "I am a user and I also recommend smartdental"
    Krzysztof Z.

  • "No problems, professionally with an individual approach and adaptation to the needs of the office"
    Krzysztof Z.

    Demo version
    Download demo version and see how much advantage you gain by using the SmartDental software

    Download the demo version on your Windows computer and see how much advantage you gain by using SmartDental software.
    Remote application for managing the schedule GDPR-compliant remote access to the appointment schedule via iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and web browser applications.
    • Secure SSL connection
    • GDPR Compliance
    • No entrusting of data to third parties
    SmartDental 2.0

    Software and services tailored to your needs

    SmartDental offers a wide range of possibilities. Starting from small single-computer dental offices, through large multi-computer clinics, to decentralized organizational units and cloud or hybrid set-ups.

    Modern solutions

    SmartDental is up to date with current trends in information technology and dental practice management.

    Efficient work

    Maintaining electronic medical records saves time, increases the quality of services provided and streamlines work, making the dental practice more productive.

    Data security

    SmartDental meets the requirements of current legal acts regarding electronic health records (EHRs) and ensures confidentiality and data security.

    Clear, modular design

    SmartDental has been divided into functional modules that allow for any configuration. As the dental practice grows, it is possible to expand the software while maintaining the data collected so far.

    Phone integration

    Support notifications about upcoming appointments and SMS campaigns via an Android phone. Send and receive messages directly through SmartDental.

    Remote access to the schedule

    Secure, GDPR-compliant access to the appointment schedule for employees via dedicated iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android applications.

    Electronic signing of documents

    SmartDental enables electronic signing of documents using WACOM STU, WACOM DTU signature tablets and Windows tablets compatible with WACOM software.
    Patient Mode enables the Patient to independently complete and sign selected documents on WACOM DTU signature tablets and dedicated Windows tablets.
    Our solutions are based on technologies from a recognized company in the field of safe, electronic signature - WACOM.


    Periodontal module

    History of periodontal diagnoses on an interactive dental diagram.

    Work safely and efficiently by combining the advantages of a desktop application with cloud technologies.

    Software Clinic

    Built with the user in mind

    We build our software with the user in mind. Thanks to the cooperation of IT specialists with a dentist, the software combines high technical quality with adaptation to the modern needs of effective and intuitive management of a dental office.

    Easy to use

    The SmartDental software was created as a result of cooperation between an IT specialist and a dentist who has been running a multi-station dental practice for many years.


    Constant feedback loop through consultations with existing and potential customers allows us to guarantee high quality, rapid feature development and meeting customers' needs and expectations.


    SmartDental enables a wide range of configurations using either a local database, professional cloud or hybrid solutions.
    Choose robust and intuitive software designed by a dentist.


    We present the prices of sample, perpetual licenses for a single workstation

    Reception desk


    375 USD *

    • Basic module
    • Reception module
    • Billing and sales documents module

    Treatment room


    400 USD *

    • Basic module
    • Treatment module
    • Digital imaging module

    Treatment + Reception


    625 USD *

    • Basic module
    • Reception module
    • Treatment module
    • Digital imaging module
    • Documentation templates and digital signature module
    * the prices given are gross prices and apply to the presented modules.

    Contact us

    We will be happy to answer your software-related questions and we will provide the support needed in choosing, installing and configuring the software.
    +48 12 312 0 501 | +48 530 505 504
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